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Thanks to all who participated in the Western Australian State Amateur Brewing Competition 2021 brought to you by CHEEKY MONKEY BREWING CO.

There were 376 entries judged and 150 registered participants, judges, and stewards.

Best of Show Winners

Best of Show – Beer

PlaceBrewerEntry NameStyleClub
1stWayne CrawfordCherry Sour18.6: Belgian Specialty Ale [AABC]Northern Brewers Homebrew Club [Australia]
2ndPaul LoftsHuns Gruber14.1: Berliner Weisse [BJCP 23A]
3rdGeorge CopleySandgroper Purification16.3: Eisbock [BJCP 9B]West Coast Brewers [Australia]

Category 19: Mead

PlaceBrewerEntry NameStyleClub
1stGeorge CopleySandgroper Spice Mead19.5: Fruit Spice Mead [BJCP M3A]West Coast Brewers [Australia]
2ndAllan AitkenFruit Mead19.4: Fruit Mead [BJCP M2]West Coast Brewers [Australia]
3rdMick ConsidineDon't Poke The Bear19.1: Dry Mead [BJCP M1A]West Coast Brewers [Australia]

Winning Entries

Table 1: Low Alcohol (12 entries)

1stGeorge CopleySandgroper Exposition1.1: Light Australian Lager [AABC]West Coast Brewers [Australia]
2ndLeon StojmenovBorn To Be Mild1.4: Dark Mild [BJCP 13A]Northern Brewers Homebrew Club [Australia]
3rdRhys FleayThe Geezer1.3: London Brown Ale [BJCP 27]

Table 2: Pale Lager 1/3 (13 entries)

2ndMathew TwomeySamurai Hanamachi Lager2.4: International Pale Lager [BJCP 2A]Northern Brewers Homebrew Club [Australia]

Table 3: Pale Lager 2/3 (13 entries)

1stDaniel StockwellRedemption2.7: German Pils [BJCP 5D]Northern Brewers Homebrew Club [Australia]

Table 4: Pale Lager 3/3 (12 entries)

3rdMitchell MunroMonkey Munro Front Row Helles2.10: Munich Helles [BJCP 4A]Perth Home Brew Share (PHBS) [Australia]

Table 5: Amber & Dark Lager 1/2 (10 entries)

1stChris De ChaneetHerr Dunkel3.3: Munich Dunkel [BJCP 8A]South West Brew & Co.
3rdBrad HalseGolden Dog Vienna Lager3.4: Vienna Lager [BJCP 7A]

Table 6: Amber & Dark Lager 2/2 (10 entries)

2ndDavid GrahamDark Larger3.6: Czech Dark Lager [BJCP 3D]

Table 7: Pale Ale 1/2 (8 entries)

2ndMatthew AmadioSparkling Ale4.5: Australian Sparkling Ale [BJCP 12B]SWB&CO
3rdChris De ChaneetMangles Belgian4.4: Belgian Pale Ale [BJCP 24B]South West Brew & Co.

Table 8: American Pale Ale (25 entries)

1stRob KingZamba Zamba Zamba5.1: American Pale Ale [BJCP 18B]
2ndRuss MeredithPinnacles Pale Ale5.1: American Pale Ale [BJCP 18B]Northern Brewers Homebrew Club [Australia]
3rdPeter Van BockxmeerBeginnings Pale Ale5.1: American Pale Ale [BJCP 18B]

Table 9: Bitter Ale 1/2 (9 entries)

1stWayne CrawfordBest Bitter6.3: Best Bitter [BJCP 11B]Northern Brewers Homebrew Club [Australia]

Table 10: Bitter Ale 2/2 (11 entries)

2ndDaniel StockwellFire Lily6.4: American Amber Ale [BJCP 19A]Northern Brewers Homebrew Club [Australia]
3rdDavid GilesBitter and Twisted6.6: Strong Bitter [BJCP 11C]

Table 11: Brown Ale 1/1 (12 entries)

1stDaniel StockwellOb17.5: British Brown Ale [BJCP 13B]Northern Brewers Homebrew Club [Australia]
2ndDavid GrahamBetter Red Than Dead7.3: Irish Red Ale [BJCP 15A]
3rdTim CummingHefty Lass7.1: Scottish Heavy [BJCP 14B]

Table 12: Porter 1/1 (12 entries)

1stDaniel StockwellAlfred8.1: English Porter [BJCP 13C]Northern Brewers Homebrew Club [Australia]
2ndMitchell MunroMierzejewski Porter8.3: Baltic Porter [BJCP 9C]Perth Home Brew Share (PHBS) [Australia]
3rdTim CummingFox Stole My Chocolate8.1: English Porter [BJCP 13C]

Table 13: Stout 1/2 (9 entries)

1stDaniel StockwellChoc Lobster9.1: Sweet Stout [BJCP 16A]Northern Brewers Homebrew Club [Australia]

Table 14: Stout 2/2 (12 entries)

2ndWayne CrawfordOatmeal Stout9.3: Oatmeal Stout [BJCP 16B]Northern Brewers Homebrew Club [Australia]
3rdTerry WeaverBlack Watch9.3: Oatmeal Stout [BJCP 16B]

Table 15: Strong Stout 1/2 (11 entries)

N/A .:

Table 16: Strong Stout 2/2 (11 entries)

1stScott WardaleImperial Stout10.4: Imperial Stout [BJCP 20C]Perth Home Brew Share (PHBS) [Australia]
2ndWayne CrawfordRussian Imperial10.4: Imperial Stout [BJCP 20C]Northern Brewers Homebrew Club [Australia]
3rdDaniel StockwellTribute10.4: Imperial Stout [BJCP 20C]Northern Brewers Homebrew Club [Australia]

Table 17: IPA 1/1 (19 entries)

1stMitchell MunroBoys Don't Cryo11.2: American IPA [BJCP 21A]Perth Home Brew Share (PHBS) [Australia]
2ndAnthony ScholfieldThe Simian Experiment11.2: American IPA [BJCP 21A]
3rdRob KingElectric Violins11.2: American IPA [BJCP 21A]

Table 18: Specialty IPA 1/3 (16 entries)

1stWayne CrawfordJuice Bigalow12.1: New England IPA [BJCP 21B] Northern Brewers Homebrew Club [Australia]

Table 19: Specialty IPA 2/3 (14 entries)

2ndCarl SimonettiGnome Chaser12.6: Belgian IPA [BJCP 21B] Perth Home Brew Share (PHBS) [Australia]

Table 20: Specialty IPA 3/3 (14 entries)

3rdMitchell MunroWest Coast Is The Best Coast - The Duece12.8: Double IPA [BJCP 22A]Perth Home Brew Share (PHBS) [Australia]

Table 21: Wheat and Rye Ale 1/1 (12 entries)

1stRyan DalbyWeizenbock13.6: Weizenbock [BJCP10C]
2ndGeorge CopleySandgroper Translation13.1: Weissbier [BJCP 10A]West Coast Brewers [Australia]
3rdKim WatlingBrucus Wheatus13.1: Weissbier [BJCP 10A]South West Brew And Co

Table 22: Sour Ale 1/1 (13 entries)

1stPaul LoftsHuns Gruber14.1: Berliner Weisse [BJCP 23A]
2ndRob KingScoby Doo14.9: Mixed Fermentation Sour [BJCP 28]
3rdBarrie HatchBritta14.8: Brett Beer [BJCP 28A]

Table 23: Belgian Ale 1/2 (9 entries)

1stRyan WalkerNamaste 15.1: Saison [BJCP 25B]
3rdAnthony DethickBelgian Bombshell 15.4: Belgian Blond Ale [BJCP 25A]Northern Brewers Homebrew Club [Australia]

Table 24: Belgian Ale 2/2 (8 entries)

2ndMike DoswellDubbel Bubble15.5: Belgian Dubbel [BJCP 26B]West Coast Brewers [Australia]

Table 25: Strong Ales and Lagers 1/1 (4 entries)

1stGeorge CopleySandgroper Purification16.3: Eisbock [BJCP 9B]West Coast Brewers [Australia]
2ndAnthony RadiceAnthony Radice16.2: Doppelbock [BJCP 9A]
3rdJay Hepden2020 Dps Wine16.7: English Barleywine [BJCP 17D]Perth Home Brew Share (PHBS) [Australia]

Table 26: FSHV Beer 1/2 (13 entries)

1stDave Tulloch
Co-Brewer: Chris Poore
Imperial Blood Orange Berliner17.1: Fruit Beer [BJCP 29A]

Table 27: FSHV Beer 2/2 (10 entries)

2ndTim CummingHibiscus Saison17.2: Spice Herb Vegetable Beer [BJCP 30A]
3rdWilliam Orchard
Co-Brewer: Caitlin Orchard
Cherry Ripe Porter17.2: Spice Herb Vegetable Beer [BJCP 30A]

Table 28: Specialty Beer 1/2 (13 entries)

1stWayne CrawfordCherry Sour18.6: Belgian Specialty Ale [AABC] Northern Brewers Homebrew Club [Australia]
3rdMitchell MunroIvan Drago18.5: Specialty Wood?Aged Beer [BJCP 33B] Perth Home Brew Share (PHBS) [Australia]

Table 29: Specialty Beer 2/2 (13 entries)

2ndRohit JaggiMaple + Rose Dessert Sout18.9: Experimental Beer [BJCP 34C]

Table 30: Mead & Cider 1/1 (16 entries)

1stCameron Hardie
Co-Brewer: Emma Patton
Appley Ever After20.5: Other Cider/Perry [BJCP C2] Perth Home Brew Share (PHBS) [Australia]
2ndJames WebsterPear Insider20.5: Other Cider/Perry [BJCP C2] Perth Home Brew Share (PHBS) [Australia]
3rdRob KingMan In Cider20.5: Other Cider/Perry [BJCP C2]

Table 31: Pale Ale 2/2 (8 entries)

1stMitchell MunroGrau Katzchen Kolsch4.3: Kolsch [BJCP 5B]Perth Home Brew Share (PHBS) [Australia]