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Thanks to all who participated in the Western Australia Amateur Brewing Competition.

There were 316 entries judged and 146 registered participants, judges, and stewards.

Best of Show Winners

Best of Show winner(s) have not been posted yet. Please check back later.

Winning Entries

Category 1001: Light Australian Lager [AABC] (Custom Style) (10 entries)

1stJustin BellGerman Leicht Beer10011.5: German Leichtbier [BJCP 5A]
2ndGeorge CopleySandgroper Exposition10011.1: Light Australian Lager [AABC]West Coast Brewers [Australia]
3rdTim WrenLondon Brown Ale10011.3: London Brown Ale [BJCP 27]

Category 1002: Australian Lager [AABC] (Custom Style) (27 entries)

1stScott WardaleGerman Pils10022.7: German Pils [BJCP 5D] PHBS
2ndAsher MitchellAm01 - German Dortmunder10022.5: German Dortmunder [BJCP 5C]
3rdJay HepdenLynwood Lager10022.1: Australian Lager [AABC]

Category 1003: International Amber Lager [BJCP 2B] (Custom Style) (21 entries)

1stShaun SullivanViennager10033.4: Vienna Lager [BJCP 7A]
2ndDavid HallUncle Dunkel10033.3: Munich Dunkel [BJCP 8A]
3rdThomas Peacock Tommy's Black Lager 10033.6: Czech Dark Lager [BJCP 3D]

Category 1004: Cream Ale [BJCP 1C] (Custom Style) (17 entries)

1stSel BarrSpa10044.5: Australian Sparkling Ale [BJCP 12B]
2ndTrevor FinnieTss Blonde Ale10044.2: Blonde Ale [BJCP 18A]
3rdAsher MitchellAm03 - Belgian Pale Ale10044.4: Belgian Pale Ale [BJCP 24B]

Category 1005: American Pale Ale [BJCP 18B] (Custom Style) (18 entries)

1stRuss MeredithPinnacles Pale Ale10055.1: American Pale Ale [BJCP 18B]
2ndChris SmartDaddy MacK10055.1: American Pale Ale [BJCP 18B]
3rdCalum MaxwellMaris Mosaic Smash10055.1: American Pale Ale [BJCP 18B]West Coast Brewers [Australia]

Category 1006: Australian Bitter Ale [AABC] (Custom Style) (18 entries)

1stJay HepdenRed Ale10066.4: American Amber Ale [BJCP 19A]
2ndScott WardaleBest Bitter10066.3: Best Bitter [BJCP 11B]PHBS
3rdWarren PageCombi Azzacalypse10066.4: American Amber Ale [BJCP 19A]Northern Brewers Homebrew Club

Category 1007: Scottish Heavy [BJCP 14B] (Custom Style) (13 entries)

1stCalum MaxwellIrish Red Ale10077.3: Irish Red Ale [BJCP 15A]West Coast Brewers [Australia]
2ndNed SummerhayesEasy Rider10077.6: American Brown Ale [BJCP 19C]
3rdRafael LibardiChokky Brown Ale10077.5: British Brown Ale [BJCP 13B]

Category 1008: English Porter [BJCP 13C] (Custom Style) (18 entries)

1stBernie GlassBaltic Porter10088.3: Baltic Porter [BJCP 9C]
2ndDaniel PageJax Porter10088.2: American Porter [BJCP 20A]
3rdTim CummingFox In A Brown Hat10088.1: English Porter [BJCP 13C]

Category 1009: Sweet Stout [BJCP 16A] (Custom Style) (15 entries)

1stTerry WeaverBlack Watch10099.3: Oatmeal Stout [BJCP 16B]
2ndBryson DerbyshireBlack Cock II10099.1: Sweet Stout [BJCP 16A]West Coast Brewers [Australia]
3rdDaniel StockwellChoc Lobster10099.1: Sweet Stout [BJCP 16A]Northern Brewers

Category 1010: Tropical Stout [BJCP 16C] (Custom Style) (14 entries)

1stMick Considine2fs2101010.4: Imperial Stout [BJCP 20C]West Coast Brewers [Australia]
2ndPaul LoftsWinter In the Tropics101010.1: Tropical Stout [BJCP 16C]
3rdMick ConsidineI'm Not White?!!101010.1: Tropical Stout [BJCP 16C]West Coast Brewers [Australia]

Category 1011: English IPA [BJCP 12C] (Custom Style) (12 entries)

1stPaul HuttonTutti Fruity101111.2: American IPA [BJCP 21A]West Coast Brewers [Australia]
2ndChad McGregorIndian Ocean IPA101111.2: American IPA [BJCP 21A]
3rdPeter Bennington4 Phase IPA101111.2: American IPA [BJCP 21A]

Category 1012: New England IPA [BJCP 21B] (Custom Style) (25 entries)

1stMike DoswellMan Cave Red IPA101212.3: Red IPA [BJCP 21B] West Coast Brewers [Australia]
2ndMitchell MunroOxymoron 2: Norwegian Boogaloo101212.7: Black IPA [BJCP 21B] Perth Home Brew Share
3rdMatthew AmadioDank Neipa101212.1: New England IPA [BJCP 21B]

Category 1013: Weissbier [BJCP 10A] (Custom Style) (16 entries)

1stGeorge CopleySandgroper Translation101313.1: Weissbier [BJCP 10A]West Coast Brewers [Australia]
2ndChris De Chaneet Lighthouse Dunkelweizen101313.3: Dunkles Weissbier [BJCP 10B]South West Brew & Co.
3rdRohit (ron) DevalRed Ryeding Hood101313.4: Roggenbier [BJCP 27]Northern Brewers Home Brew Club

Category 1014: Berliner Weisse [BJCP 23A] (Custom Style) (15 entries)

1stPaul LoftsHuns Gruber101414.1: Berliner Weisse [BJCP 23A]
2ndScott WardaleFlanders Red101414.3: Flanders Red Ale [BJCP 23B]PHBS
3rdAlex Blair-JacobsOud Bruin101414.7: Oud Bruin [BJCP 23C]

Category 1015: Saison [BJCP 25B] (Custom Style) (15 entries)

1stBernie GlassSaison101515.1: Saison [BJCP 25B]
2ndAlex Blair-Jacobs
Co-Brewer: Andrew Huck, Andrew Pearson
Quad101515.8: Belgian Dark Strong Ale [BJCP 26D]
3rdAsher MitchellAm08 - Belgian Dark Strong Ale101515.8: Belgian Dark Strong Ale [BJCP 26D]

Category 1016: Wee Heavy [BJCP 17C] (Custom Style) (6 entries)

1stTim MainsMy First Doppelbock101616.2: Doppelbock [BJCP 9A] West Coast Brewers [Australia]
2ndScott WardaleOld Ale101616.5: Old Ale [BJCP 17B]PHBS
3rdMathew TwomeyBonehead Barleywine101616.8: American Barleywine [BJCP 22C]

Category 1017: Fruit Beer [BJCP 29A] (Custom Style) (22 entries)

1stSimon InnesBig Al's What's For Pud?? Coffee And Hazelnut Stout101717.2: Spice Herb Vegetable Beer [BJCP 30A] Perth Home Brew Share
2ndJay HepdenRubberneck Raspberry Stout101717.1: Fruit Beer [BJCP 29A]
3rdPaul LoftsRod & Todd Flanders101717.1: Fruit Beer [BJCP 29A]

Category 1018: Rauchbier [BJCP 6B] (Custom Style) (22 entries)

1stMitchell MunroEscape (the Pina Colada Beer)101818.9: Experimental Beer [BJCP 34C] Perth Home Brew Share
2ndMike DoswellMan Cave Rauchbier101818.1: Rauchbier [BJCP 6B]West Coast Brewers [Australia]
3rdPaul Hutton
Co-Brewer: 9 Other Brewers In This Barrel Project
No Adjustments Required 101818.5: Specialty Wood?Aged Beer [BJCP 33B] West Coast Brewers [Australia]

Category 1019: Dry Mead [BJCP M1A] (Custom Style) (7 entries)

1stBrendan BoxallBoxall Dry Mead101919.1: Dry Mead [BJCP M1A]
2ndAllan AitkenAces Acerglyn Solera101919.7: Other Mead [BJCP M3B, M4B, M4C] West Coast Brewers [Australia]
3rdGeorge CopleySandgroper Sweet Mead101919.3: Sweet Mead [BJCP M1C]West Coast Brewers [Australia]

Category 1020: New World Cider [BJCP C1A] (Custom Style) (5 entries)

1stShane FosterRaisin Hell: Unoaked102020.2: English Cider [BJCP C1B]
2ndJames WebsterLike No Other102020.5: Other Cider/Perry [BJCP C2]
3rdCalum MaxwellEnglish Cider102020.2: English Cider [BJCP C1B]West Coast Brewers [Australia]