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Best of Show – Beer

PlaceBrewerEntry NameStyleClub
1stWayne CrawfordCherry Sour1806: Belgian Specialty Ale [AABC]Northern Brewers Homebrew Club [Australia]
2ndPaul LoftsHuns Gruber1401: Berliner Weisse [BJCP 23A]
3rdGeorge CopleySandgroper Purification1603: Eisbock [BJCP 9B]West Coast Brewers [Australia]

Category 19: Mead

PlaceBrewerEntry NameStyleClub
1stGeorge CopleySandgroper Spice Mead1905: Fruit Spice Mead [BJCP M3A]West Coast Brewers [Australia]
2ndAllan AitkenFruit Mead1904: Fruit Mead [BJCP M2]West Coast Brewers [Australia]
3rdMick ConsidineDon't Poke The Bear1901: Dry Mead [BJCP M1A]West Coast Brewers [Australia]

Table 1: Low Alcohol (12 entries)

1stGeorge CopleySandgroper Exposition101: Light Australian Lager [AABC]West Coast Brewers [Australia]
2ndLeon StojmenovBorn To Be Mild104: Dark Mild [BJCP 13A]Northern Brewers Homebrew Club [Australia]
3rdRhys FleayThe Geezer103: London Brown Ale [BJCP 27]

Table 2: Pale Lager 1/3 (13 entries)

2ndMathew TwomeySamurai Hanamachi Lager204: International Pale Lager [BJCP 2A]Northern Brewers Homebrew Club [Australia]

Table 3: Pale Lager 2/3 (13 entries)

1stDaniel StockwellRedemption207: German Pils [BJCP 5D]Northern Brewers Homebrew Club [Australia]

Table 4: Pale Lager 3/3 (12 entries)

3rdMitchell MunroMonkey Munro Front Row Helles210: Munich Helles [BJCP 4A]Perth Home Brew Share (PHBS) [Australia]

Table 5: Amber & Dark Lager 1/2 (10 entries)

1stChris De ChaneetHerr Dunkel303: Munich Dunkel [BJCP 8A]South West Brew & Co.
3rdBrad HalseGolden Dog Vienna Lager304: Vienna Lager [BJCP 7A]

Table 6: Amber & Dark Lager 2/2 (10 entries)

2ndDavid GrahamDark Larger306: Czech Dark Lager [BJCP 3D]

Table 7: Pale Ale 1/2 (8 entries)

2ndMatthew AmadioSparkling Ale405: Australian Sparkling Ale [BJCP 12B]SWB&CO
3rdChris De ChaneetMangles Belgian404: Belgian Pale Ale [BJCP 24B]South West Brew & Co.

Table 8: American Pale Ale (25 entries)

1stRob KingZamba Zamba Zamba501: American Pale Ale [BJCP 18B]
2ndRuss MeredithPinnacles Pale Ale501: American Pale Ale [BJCP 18B]Northern Brewers Homebrew Club [Australia]
3rdPeter Van BockxmeerBeginnings Pale Ale501: American Pale Ale [BJCP 18B]

Table 9: Bitter Ale 1/2 (9 entries)

1stWayne CrawfordBest Bitter603: Best Bitter [BJCP 11B]Northern Brewers Homebrew Club [Australia]

Table 10: Bitter Ale 2/2 (11 entries)

2ndDaniel StockwellFire Lily604: American Amber Ale [BJCP 19A]Northern Brewers Homebrew Club [Australia]
3rdDavid GilesBitter and Twisted606: Strong Bitter [BJCP 11C]

Table 11: Brown Ale 1/1 (12 entries)

1stDaniel StockwellOb1705: British Brown Ale [BJCP 13B]Northern Brewers Homebrew Club [Australia]
2ndDavid GrahamBetter Red Than Dead703: Irish Red Ale [BJCP 15A]
3rdTim CummingHefty Lass701: Scottish Heavy [BJCP 14B]

Table 12: Porter 1/1 (12 entries)

1stDaniel StockwellAlfred801: English Porter [BJCP 13C]Northern Brewers Homebrew Club [Australia]
2ndMitchell MunroMierzejewski Porter803: Baltic Porter [BJCP 9C]Perth Home Brew Share (PHBS) [Australia]
3rdTim CummingFox Stole My Chocolate801: English Porter [BJCP 13C]

Table 13: Stout 1/2 (9 entries)

1stDaniel StockwellChoc Lobster901: Sweet Stout [BJCP 16A]Northern Brewers Homebrew Club [Australia]

Table 14: Stout 2/2 (12 entries)

2ndWayne CrawfordOatmeal Stout903: Oatmeal Stout [BJCP 16B]Northern Brewers Homebrew Club [Australia]
3rdTerry WeaverBlack Watch903: Oatmeal Stout [BJCP 16B]

Table 15: Strong Stout 1/2 (11 entries)

There are no winning entries at this table.

Table 16: Strong Stout 2/2 (11 entries)

1stScott WardaleImperial Stout1004: Imperial Stout [BJCP 20C]Perth Home Brew Share (PHBS) [Australia]
2ndWayne CrawfordRussian Imperial1004: Imperial Stout [BJCP 20C]Northern Brewers Homebrew Club [Australia]
3rdDaniel StockwellTribute1004: Imperial Stout [BJCP 20C]Northern Brewers Homebrew Club [Australia]

Table 17: IPA 1/1 (19 entries)

1stMitchell MunroBoys Don't Cryo1102: American IPA [BJCP 21A]Perth Home Brew Share (PHBS) [Australia]
2ndAnthony ScholfieldThe Simian Experiment1102: American IPA [BJCP 21A]
3rdRob KingElectric Violins1102: American IPA [BJCP 21A]

Table 18: Specialty IPA 1/3 (16 entries)

1stWayne CrawfordJuice Bigalow1201: New England IPA [BJCP 21B] Northern Brewers Homebrew Club [Australia]

Table 19: Specialty IPA 2/3 (14 entries)

2ndCarl SimonettiGnome Chaser1206: Belgian IPA [BJCP 21B] Perth Home Brew Share (PHBS) [Australia]

Table 20: Specialty IPA 3/3 (14 entries)

3rdMitchell MunroWest Coast Is The Best Coast - The Duece1208: Double IPA [BJCP 22A]Perth Home Brew Share (PHBS) [Australia]

Table 21: Wheat and Rye Ale 1/1 (12 entries)

1stRyan DalbyWeizenbock1306: Weizenbock [BJCP10C]
2ndGeorge CopleySandgroper Translation1301: Weissbier [BJCP 10A]West Coast Brewers [Australia]
3rdKim WatlingBrucus Wheatus1301: Weissbier [BJCP 10A]South West Brew And Co

Table 22: Sour Ale 1/1 (13 entries)

1stPaul LoftsHuns Gruber1401: Berliner Weisse [BJCP 23A]
2ndRob KingScoby Doo1409: Mixed Fermentation Sour [BJCP 28]
3rdBarrie HatchBritta1408: Brett Beer [BJCP 28A]

Table 23: Belgian Ale 1/2 (9 entries)

1stRyan WalkerNamaste 1501: Saison [BJCP 25B]
3rdAnthony DethickBelgian Bombshell 1504: Belgian Blond Ale [BJCP 25A]Northern Brewers Homebrew Club [Australia]

Table 24: Belgian Ale 2/2 (8 entries)

2ndMike DoswellDubbel Bubble1505: Belgian Dubbel [BJCP 26B]West Coast Brewers [Australia]

Table 25: Strong Ales and Lagers 1/1 (4 entries)

1stGeorge CopleySandgroper Purification1603: Eisbock [BJCP 9B]West Coast Brewers [Australia]
2ndAnthony RadiceAnthony Radice1602: Doppelbock [BJCP 9A]
3rdJay Hepden2020 Dps Wine1607: English Barleywine [BJCP 17D]Perth Home Brew Share (PHBS) [Australia]

Table 26: FSHV Beer 1/2 (13 entries)

1stDave Tulloch
Co-Brewer: Chris Poore
Imperial Blood Orange Berliner1701: Fruit Beer [BJCP 29A]

Table 27: FSHV Beer 2/2 (10 entries)

2ndTim CummingHibiscus Saison1702: Spice Herb Vegetable Beer [BJCP 30A]
3rdWilliam Orchard
Co-Brewer: Caitlin Orchard
Cherry Ripe Porter1702: Spice Herb Vegetable Beer [BJCP 30A]

Table 28: Specialty Beer 1/2 (13 entries)

1stWayne CrawfordCherry Sour1806: Belgian Specialty Ale [AABC] Northern Brewers Homebrew Club [Australia]
3rdMitchell MunroIvan Drago1805: Specialty Wood?Aged Beer [BJCP 33B] Perth Home Brew Share (PHBS) [Australia]

Table 29: Specialty Beer 2/2 (13 entries)

2ndRohit JaggiMaple + Rose Dessert Sout1809: Experimental Beer [BJCP 34C]

Table 30: Mead & Cider 1/1 (16 entries)

1stCameron Hardie
Co-Brewer: Emma Patton
Appley Ever After2005: Other Cider/Perry [BJCP C2] Perth Home Brew Share (PHBS) [Australia]
2ndJames WebsterPear Insider2005: Other Cider/Perry [BJCP C2] Perth Home Brew Share (PHBS) [Australia]
3rdRob KingMan In Cider2005: Other Cider/Perry [BJCP C2]

Table 31: Pale Ale 2/2 (8 entries)

1stMitchell MunroGrau Katzchen Kolsch403: Kolsch [BJCP 5B]Perth Home Brew Share (PHBS) [Australia]